Don’t judge a book by its cover

We know that great things can happen when creative ideas are put into action. Our brains function best in a flexible, creative and competitive environment. That is how we like to develop life changing products at JUCEBOX. After all, it is only with a culture where you can think, hack and crack difficult IT concepts that great inventions take place. You may want to check out our nibbl platform to understand out why we love being bold and creative. But enough about us. There is a reason to talk about hacks and the people behind them.

Our Chief Cook and Bottlewasher (and an awesome guy), Mark Lloyd, attended the AR/VR Garage Meetup last week in Auckland. He is pretty active when it comes to attending such events, talking to people and hunting out all the great things happening in the NZ Tech space. One of the many interesting things we discovered at this particular event was the innovation taking place within Datacom and how, apart from its usual business lines, it is challenging and reshaping the minds of its employees. The company is traditional in its structure and works with big businesses and government agencies to solve their data problems. Pretty standard stuff. But do you know it is also encouraging its employees to innovate during company sponsored all weekend hackathons? The event is open to all Datacom employees to present different ideas and concepts possible in the IT industry and hack them into existence. Excellent innovation!!

They are open to work together as a team, think creatively and prepare a concept or product which is tangible, unheard of and life changing. We can only imagine the pressure, intensity and unnerving energy of the place. It must be heaps of fun. And, well, JUCEBOX is tempted to pitch in as well.  

We were excited about Datacom’s hackathon concept. Particularly as it’s being embraced by a more traditional IT-based service provider and it’s not what we usually expect from such organizations. When large organizations make efforts to allow space for hungry and curious technology lovers to exist, we can expect ground-breaking ideas. And their work with the HoloLens from Microsoft is a proof of that.

The industry needs such initiatives to tap its full potential. There are many minds unexplored and ideas untouched due to companies that don’t understand innovation or don’t allow the structure to support it.

The NZ Tech space, especially the big players need to step up and organize such events. It will be a great opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs and small organizations as they will get to team up and compete with the big players.  From discovering better tools to nurturing super talent, we can only imagine the outcome of it. What do you think about it? Do you feel your startup needs this boost? Do you have some great concepts already looking for an open door? Let JUCEBOX know.  We love to meet super minds with the same passion as ours, especially in a place least expected. Don’t judge a book by its cover.